Your Gratitude is Empowering Women in India!

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After counseling and frequent meetings, YGB’s NGO partner NISHTHA was able to convince YGB’s women’s micro loan groups that they needed to generate new opportunities in the midst of recovery after COVID-19 lockdown and Cyclone Amphan’s destruction of this region. Fortunately the groups are actively and unitedly working on rebuilding businesses in the rural villages of West Bengal.

In addition to masks, mat making and pickling,  the women have prepared edibles and are getting ready to dispatch the various orders like Puffed Rice, Sweets, etc. These are new activities that they have never done before. They were happy with their former work which generated a good income but in moving into making such edibles they are seeing some hope.  There is lower income from this new venture but at least they can acquire some money by which to support their families. Meeting the needs of the family is the biggest challenge in front of them, and they are doing it quite efficiently.

With your support, YGB is funding 500 women, 50 groups with micro loans despite Covid-19 lockdown and Cyclone Amphan of 2020. If you are benefiting from the practice of yoga especially during this difficult time, join our “Gratitude Circle” for just $10 a month to empower these women’s lives. This program offers exclusive members only benefits too. Check details here.