Your Donations Gave Rupa a Better Life

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Rupa grew up in one of the poorest villages, in North Karnataka, India. Rupa doesn’t know her father and lived together with her mother and her grandmother. She doesn’t have any siblings. Rupas’s mother died a after six months of fighting a deadly disease. With the support of YGB’s NGO Partner, Shaktidhama, Rupa now lives in this safe group home and also got an opportunity to join a better school. Today, Rupa majors in Engineering at a private college in Mysore. Rupa is an open-minded and friendly girl. In addition to that she takes a lot of responsibility, cares for the people surrounding her and is very hard working to get the education she needs in order to become an engineer. Rupa’s dream is to earn a lot of money as an engineer to develop poor villages and help her village people to overcome their generations of poverty.




When Rupa was younger, she went to a Government-run public school which lacked basic facilities such as electricity, water, cleanliness, etc. She loved sports but. There was never a good opportunity as there was no play ground in her school. In her free time, she started reading books which make her very happy.



YGB is funding 50 girls at a group home run by our new our partner Shaktidhama in Mysore, Karnataka. 100 girls were rescued by social workers from Shaktidhama last year and live in this home safely. These girl are from underprivileged families, poor tribal communities and low caste or orphans. This project makes sure that all the girls receive up to 10th grade then provide opportunities for higher education.