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It takes a village.

Yoga Gives Back receives a broad range of support from a diverse set of individuals and corporations. Their commitment and loyalty helps us achieve our mission to empower women and children in India with sustainability. We gratefully acknowledge YGB’s valued community of partners.

Annual Partners

“I want Liforme to be a leading example of how a business can be socially responsible.”

“Omstars is your virtual sangha and space to reclaim the sacred heart of yoga and share the magic of the practice with the world around you. Tap into a community of like-minded souls. Feel a sense of belonging. Live with more purpose. Give back to the community around you. Our mission is that Yoga, the science of the soul, is available to every single person worldwide. Join us in making this mission a reality.”

“At Yogi, we believe the purpose of business is to serve.”

“To be socially conscious is part of our nature.”

“At Jala, we believe in giving back. “

“Our vision: A world in which we all live our true potential.”

“Yoga strengthens the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda takes your practice beyond the mat”

“Our mission at 4th & Heart is to not only donate financially but also to help raise awareness for the cause through active participation.”

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