Our Impact

Our Impact 2022

More than 2400 women and children empowered


Child Marriage

1.5 million girls under 18 every year

Gender Inequality

Women’s Income 1/5 of Men’s Income

Rape Incidents

Occur every 15 minutes

Pandemic Effect

10 million girls will drop out of secondary education

Additional Covid 19 Relief

Supplemental food for over 500 struggling families WATCH
Assessing needs of severely affected families due to economic crisis WATCH ANSURA’S STORY
-Hygiene and sanitary napkins for over 700 girls and women – Education materials for over 600 children to avoid forced marriage or child labor – Food incentive for the 200 teen girls’ families to keep them in school remotely with YGB scholarship

Over the last sixteen years, YGB’s global community has grown to empower 2400 women and children, proving that we can make a real impact when we come together.

  • 550 impoverished mothers have enjoyed their income earning work with micro-loans with the average income increase of 600%. Each mother also saved 50 Rupees every month for her young daughter’s higher education
  • 600 rural young girls continue their primary education avoiding child labor or child marriage
  • 32 abandoned children live in a loving home with high-quality education
  • 400 disadvantaged youths receive a five-year Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE)
  • 200 youths graduated with Bachelor’s degree or advanced Master’s degree, helping their families and becoming role models in their communities
  • 75 young girls rescued to avoid becoming prostitutes receive education and live in a safe group home
  • 800 rural poor children receive special education assistance who fell behind due to 18 months of school closure during the PANDEMIC
  • 100 rural girls gain access to computers with Interne

Success Stories

A girl aims high with education
Microloan empowers mothers
College is not a dream
His Success Inspired Scholarship Program
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