Let’s start a sustainable revolution with monthly giving, one yogi at a time until we reach ONE MILLION YOGIS!

Yoga is a sustaining gift from Mother India.

To mark YGB’s Tenth Anniversary, we want to inspire ONE MILLION YOGIS to show their gratitude together. Join ONE MILLION YOGIS CAMPAIGN and make a difference in in the lives of mothers and children in India.

Today, 76% of India’s population—800 million people—live below the poverty line of $2.50 a day. It’s estimated that 300 million people worldwide practice yoga, generating $80 billion every year. If a fraction of this is redirected, we can make a life changing difference.$5 a month can give Education Materials for 12 Children.

$15 a month can give Higher Education for 1 Teenager.

$25 a month can give Micro Loans for 11 Women Potters.

$45 a month can give Elementary Education for 3 Girls.

$100 a month can give Caring Home for 2 Orphan Children.

YGB has grown to fund more than 1000 mothers and children with micro loans and education funds in Karnataka and West Bengal with a minimum five-year commitment per person. What if ONE MILLION YOGIS came together?

Together, let’s express our gratitude for the sustaining gift of yoga and change lives.
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