“Sister Aid” Empowers Women and Children

Micro loan empowers mothers

India ranks 135th of 143 nations on gender equality. In some rural areas, more than fifty percent of girls are married before age fifteen. Female literacy is still considerably lower than male literacy. However, women make the best poverty fighters. Women use their earnings not only to feed their families, but to improve their families’ quality of life as well as fund their children’s education, giving the next generation a much better chance to live out of poverty.

Latest News about Sister Aid

In 2008, inspired by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ micro financing breakthrough, Yoga Gives Back began by supporting micro financing programs in India.

Many global yoga communities responded well to this campaign right away with their fundraising support.

NGO Nishtha, West Bengal

In 2010, YGB partnered with Nishtha in West Bengal and launched “Sister Aid,” an innovative women’s empowerment micro-loan program. It does not charge interest for loan but requires every borrower to save 50 rupees a month for their young girls’ education. Starting with 50 women, YGB has been able to grow this program to provide 550 impoverished women (45 groups) with small loans for income-earning businesses. Every year, we have witnessed the tremendous positive impact of this program on women’s lives. This program provides not only financial strength among women but also mental support system which help them to stand against issues such as abuse and domestic violence for the first time in their lives.

Early education for young daughters

This program also provides educational funds for the members’ young daughters, and so far it has helped over 600 young girls continue their primary education and prevented forced child marriage or labor.

Safe Home and Education

“Sister Aid” also funds 32 children at Deenabandhu Home in Chamarajanagara, Karnataka.

These children have absolutely no other place to go. At this home, children receive loving care and high-quality education.

NGO Deenabandhu Trust, Karnataka

NGO Shaktidhama, Karnataka

In 2018, YGB partnered with Shaktidhama, Mysore, Karnataka. This group home houses 160 young girls who have been rescued from marginalized communities in Central and Northern Karnataka. Now these girls are blossoming with hope as they live in this safe home and receive education to college level. Since 2021, Guru Krupa Foundation has been generously supporting this project with its grant. 

Thank you Guru Krupa Foundation for your grant to help
YGB support girls at Shaktidhama with great education opportunities.

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