Over 293 Teen Students Funded in 2019!

180 Girl Students, West Bengal


SHE scholarship program is funding 293 disadvantaged students with a five-year scholarship for higher education in the rural villages of West Bengal and Chamarajanagar, Karnataka so that they can finish their high school education and aim for a college degree.  These students were selected by YGB local NGO partners andDeeanbandhu and NISHTHA. These students have absolutely no other way to continue their education due to extreme poverty and related family problems, if it were not for SHE scholarship. YGB is delighted to meet totally determined and eager students during its visit in December 2014, who express their gratitude, committment and dreams this scholarship offers. This program will be able to seed an opportunity for each student to become a real change maker in their communities and beyond. Read some of these students’ stories here.

Corporate Sponsors Taking Part!

We are truly excited to have YGB’s first corporate sponsor Pure International, headquartered in Hong Kong, for its Corporate Responsibility Program (CSR) initiative, funding higher education for ten rural girls for the next five years in West Bengal, $ 4000 per year for the total of 10 years. YGB’s local partner NGO NISHTHA has selected the most suited girls who can tremendously benefit from this scholarship in their lives; read more.

Yoga Shala West in Los Angeles also has been supporting eight girls with five-year commitment.

YogaFit and its founder Beth Shaw also joins us as a corporate sponsor for 2015, funding five students for the next five years, with $10,000.

Bhakti Chai’s Online GITA Giving has awarded YGB with $5000 grant to fund teen girls to continue their education.

SHE program started in BANGALORE, KARNATAKA

In 2007, YGB met Guruprasad when he was 15 years old, a high school student as you can see in our video “Jayashree’s Journey: From Transaction to Transformation.” Jayashree, his mother, has been a micro financing borrower since 2007 and it has been her dream to provide her children a better education. Jayashree’s successful micro loan businesses with auto rickshaw, a small convenience shop, and hand-sewing have definitely lifted her family to working—and living–in a more sustainable way.

Determined to make his mom’s dream come true, Guruprasad successfully enrolled in Medical Dental College in Bellary, an 8-hour drive from his home town. This was an all the more remarkable accomplishment since nobody in his family nor in his neighborhood has reached this level of high education yet.

Having witnessed Guruprasad’s dedication to his study and career, YGB decided to provide a scholarship to cover Guruprasad’s annual tuition in 2011. Now YGB is committed to continue this scholarship until he graduates college and becomes a dentist.

Read more about Guruprasad’s update here.

Imagine, with only $25 to $45 per month, one teen student can finish high school, continue to college or post graduate courses! YGB is proud to offer this five-year scholarship to seed real opportunities for determined teens to become real change makers in their community, India, and beyond!

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