SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education)

Five-year scholarship for disadvantaged youths to live to their full potential.

300 Teen Students Funded in 2020

SHE scholarship program is funding 300 students with a five-year scholarship for higher education in the rural villages of West Bengal and Chamarajanagar, Karnataka so that they can aim for a college degree. These students have absolutely no other way to continue their education due to extreme poverty and related family problems, if it were not for SHE scholarship. They are determined to achieve their goals with higher education. 

We are inspired to witness many students already graduating with Bachelor’s Degrees, making history in their families and communities, becoming role models for younger generation. This program seeds an opportunity for each student to become a real change maker in their communities and beyond. 

Guruprasad Inspired SHE Program

“I am the seed, you are the water that grew me into a tree. Now, I can take care of thousands of people.”
Guruprasad, December, 2019

In 2007, YGB met Guruprasad when he was 15 years old, a high school student. Jayashree, his mother, was a micro financing borrower. Her dream to provide her children a better education. 

In 2011, determined to make his mom’s dream come true, Guruprasad successfully enrolled in Medical Dental College in Bellary, an 8-hour drive from his home town. This was an all the more remarkable accomplishment since nobody in his family nor in his neighborhood has reached this level of high education yet. 

This is when YGB decided to offer him a scholarship until he becomes a doctor. 

Today, Guruprasad is an Emergency Doctor at the renowned Saga Hospital in Bangalore, working long hours as COVID-19 cases continue to increase in India. 

Thank You Corporate Sponsors.

YGB’s first corporate sponsor Pure International, headquartered in Hong Kong, supported this SHE program from the first year with its Corporate Responsibility Program (CSR) initiative. They have committed to empower young girls in West Bengal with $4000 per year for the total of 10 years. 

Thank you these sponsors who helped grow this important program.