SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) girls are committed to make a real change in their lives and communities!

You are currently viewing SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) girls are committed to make a real change in their lives and communities!
Members of SHE Group attending the Computer Training Class at Nishtha

Members of SHE Group attending the Computer Training Class at Nishtha


Yoga Gives Back is excited share highlights of our pioneering program SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) in collaboration with YGB’s NGO partner NISHTHA to educate and empower destitute teen girls in rural villages of West Bengal. NISHTHA has successfully expanded this five-year scholarship program into a real empowerment platform,  providing not only academic opportunities but also awareness workshops about environment, human rights, social justice for these girls to become real change makers beyond their rural communities.

With your support, we will be able to add another 50 girls this year for a total of 200 students in West Bengal under this scholarship program.  The far reaching potential of this program gives us great hope. We appreciate your continued support in facilitating a real positive change in these villages and communities.

  1. 30 girl graduates with Bachelors Degree.
  2. 25 groups were formed to meet monthly with social workers to learn empowerment and justice.
  3. 7 early marriages were stopped. Only 1 early marriage happened against 40% average in this region.
  4. 11 girls were rescued from trafficking through the intervention of SHE girl’s groups by contacting local authorities.
  5. 21 domestic violent cases were dealt with through SHE girls intervention and contacting local authorities.
  6. 2 girl’s groups successfully organized meetings with village boys to discuss sexual harassment cases.


Training organized on Politics of Marriage by expert for the SHE girls.


YGB is very grateful and proud to witness how NISHTHA has successfully implemented YGB’s SHE program not only to secure girls higher education but also to provide them with regular ‘capacity building” sessions with great success. These photos depict how this program is providing not only higher education but equally important sessions on group management, communications, understanding self, politics of marriage, gender discrimination and domestic violence. In addition, creating mothers groups with these students to educate them as well as conducting home visits to amplify this program’s impact in in their families including fathers and brothers of SHE students.


Campaign on Environmental protection organized by SHE girls at village market place.


Girl’s Group leaders after being trained by Nishtha, impart Training for their group members at Hotor village
SHE girls group members visiting villages to organize a campaign on gender discrimination & violence against girl-children.











YGB launched the SHE program with our NGO partner NISHTHA in West Bengal in 2013.

NISHTHA states this program’s goals as follows:

  1. To ensure the continuation of education for 80% of the girls through higher education to graduation.
  2. To ensure 80% of the girls in this program are protected from early marriage and to ensure their rights and opportunities usually denied in this society.
  3. To empower girls to become more confident and informed about social legislation and facilities available for their well being.


Two SHE members Piu Das and Aditi Naskar preparing Prevention of Child Marriage posters.
SHE group members, Krishna Mondal & Soumi Sardar speaking with family members about the adverse effects of early marriage through Home Visit Program at Panchpara village.
Girls Group Leaders organized a meeting to sensitize on causes & politics of Child Marriage.