Your support is changing these lives! 

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Next stop NGO Partner NISHTHA in West Bengal.

Every day becomes more impactful. The sheer number of women  that YGB is helping create better futures is incredible and lives are changing! Women are aided from domestic abuse, girls avoiding childhood marriages and receiving an education, women with micro-loans are making money for the first time. Women are creating community with each other and realizing they are not alone. With that comes independence and it has an energy you can feel.

We have been working with them since 2010 to empower underserved women and girls in rural villages like this SISTER AID Group. About 300 of them gathered for us and shared how this peer group is the most precious thing in their lives. Yoga Gives Back supports 546 women with micro-loan programs this year. They are an incredible group of women — colorful, powerful, and inspiring.

We were also able to visit SHE students and graduates. Some were designing clothes while others work at a local hospital. Two girls are full time Tech Officers and Nurses while five other girls are in the training course to become. This is a dream come true for them and us as it was unimaginable 10 years ago.

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