We empower over 2500 women and children in India

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More than 1.1 billion girls in the world today are poised to take on the future. Every day, girls are breaking boundaries and barriers, tackling issues like child marriage, education inequality, violence, climate justice, and inequitable access to healthcare.

According to the Gender Gap Report 2023, India ranks 127th out of 146 countries regarding gender parity. Since 2010, Yoga Gives Back has focused on empowering underserved girls who fall into this vast gender gap with economic and educational opportunities in marginalized communities throughout Karnataka and West Bengal. As a YGB supporter, you are a critical part of this global movement.

nWe empower over 2500 women ad children in India with a minimum five-year commitment to each person. Our goal is to reach #OneMillionYogis to create a much more significant impact, empowering lives.