Your Generosity Gives Hope

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Our final few days in India were spent visiting neighboring West Bengal villages with NISHTHA leadership.

We were able to witness the extraordinary impact of some familiar and new projects – the Digital Centre, Mat Making and Phuchhka Groups, Kantha Stitch Group, Pad Production and Tailoring Unit, and NISHTHA Day Care Centre.

In the days, weeks, and months that follow, we will be sharing so many individual stories of inspiration, empowerment, resilience, and creativity. However, for now, you should know that two hundred SHE students gathered and were brave enough to share their experiences with us.

Due to the pandemic and two historic cyclone destructions, they say progress has weakened and families are struggling. Forced marriage is happening more often, ending their opportunities for higher education. SHE girls support each other, and if a girl is missing or in trouble, they reach out to their parents to stop the potential forced marriage and avoid the trap of human trafficking. They need our support to keep protecting themselves and their community.

Thank you for joining and supporting us on our annual SEVA Trip! The women and children YGB supports are glowing with hope despite tremendous hardship. You are changing lives with your contributions to YGB. We are becoming #OneMillionYogis joined by gratitude.