Meet Manisha – YGB SHE Scholarship Graduate Makes History in Her Village!

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“I belong to a family where dreaming of getting educated is a fairy tale. Hardly did I ever dream of standing where I am standing today. From nowhere to the way of success surely is a dream come true. I don’t have words to express my gratitude towards YGB, who had set this platform for a girl like me. Yet there’s no body from my village who could achieve this success; but my destiny was not scripted by the Almighty; rather it was written by my Angel, YGB. Today I am a lab technician and it’s itself a philanthropic endeavor; I am proud of my work and I promise through this job, I will stay beside more poor girls like me. Thank you YGB!”

~ Manisha Pramanik,  X-ray and CT-Scan Technologist, USG Assistant and Medical Typist West Bengal.


Manisha Pramanik is from the small village of Keyapukur. She resides with her father, mother, younger sister and grandmother.  Manisha has been supported by NGO Nishtha since she was in 6th standard. Manisha’s father, an auto driver, was the only earning member of the family. Managing 5 dependents along with one senior citizen was a difficult task for him. Yet somehow he was managing the educational cost of Manisha’s school.  Manisha was dedicated and keen towards education but she was lacking the additional support from home. She almost had to give up her education. The time was harsh. It was YGB who came to her rescue through its flagship SHE Scholarship Program.

SHE project supported by YGB appeared as an angel for her. Manisha started attending various trainings and meetings of Nishtha as well. These meetings and trainings developed Manisha’s emotional strength and helped Manisha to have bigger dream in life.

She started college with zoology honors. She tried for the medical entrance test but due to some family turmoil she could not complete it. During one of the trainings organized by Nishtha under SHE project, Manisha learned about the Para medical courses. She worked hard preparing for the entrance examination of the para medical course and was admitted to the prestigious Government institution NRS medical college, Kolkata. From there she never looked back. She completed the course and is now working as an X-Ray, CT scan technologist, USG assistant and Medical Typist. Manisha acknowledges YGB and SHE project’s contribution at every step of her life. At present she is the major earning member of the family. With her monthly salary, she has been able to add bedrooms and a toilet to their home.



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