Welcome Darya Chandra (Maldives) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

“My journey in India throughout the years was full of experience and lessons for myself. When choosing the right way to give back to this country I was looking for a meaningful trustful project, so that charity would go to those who are in real need. Being a part of YGB I feel I belong to a community of like-minded people, who value the heritage of India and respect the country that gave us a profession.”

Darya Chandra (@darya_chandra), is a yoga teacher, healer and holistic therapist.  Her approach is to focus on the needs of each person individually and to provide comprehensive healing for the improvement of the body and mind.  Darya receive her Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga Education from the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Mumbia, India, and extensive education, training, and certification in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Yoga Teaching, Sound Healing and Singing Bowl Therapy, and yoga philosophy from renowned institutions in India.