Welcome Yukari Fushimi (Japan) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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“Through my dear friend yoga teacher, Daphne Tse, I came to know YGB and meet its founder, Kayoko.  I like their pure and positive energy full of Bhakti and their gratitude for yoga.  I owe so much to yoga in my life.  Yoga changed my life and attitude completely, and now I’m happier and feel so blessed to live my life more easily and peacefully.  Without yoga, there wouldn’t be me as I am now.  Without yoga, there wouldn’t be my beautiful supportive community, “kula” around the world.  All of them came to me through yoga.  I am so grateful, and it is an honor and joy to serve even a little bit to the motherland of yoga and the people there.  Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to be a part of your Bhakti action!”



Founder of Nida Yoga (meaning “nest” in Sanskrit) in 2014 in Tokyo, Yukari has been teaching hatha yoga, yoga philosophy, meditation, and more for ten years after teaching high school for eleven years.  Inspired by Anusara and certified to teach Yoga Nidra, she is focused on sharing yoga as a way of living and being.  Yukari spends 4-6 months every year joining various trainings, assisting her teacher, and holding her own retreats.


She has taught not only regular yoga classes but also lots of workshops, retreats and private sessions based on deep non-dualistic yoga philosophy.   Yukari has been also an organizer/translator of workshops in Japan for foreign teachers including Emily Kuser, Andrea Boni, and Daphne Tse.  Since 2020, she has stayed in Japan and hiked in the beautiful mountains there.  Yukari got certified as a hiking guide in 2023, and currently offers monthly hiking tours as a part of yoga and meditation practice.