Welcome Mayumi Fujita (Japan) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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As I deepened my study of yoga, I started feeling a deep desire to help others, asking ‘how can I be useful to more people?’ with no clear answers. I went to India three years ago and met my guru, who taught me about Bhakti Yoga selfless service. I realized that was what I wanted to dedicate myself to. I am grateful for the gift of yoga, which has given me wisdom for life. I want to return this gratitude to India. I am so grateful that my husband has become Yoga Gives Back Ambassador as we experienced how we can contribute to this mission. I would like also to join and support YGB’s mission. I am so grateful that I met Kayoko, YGB Founder, who has given us precious opportunities to give back.

Mayumi is a yoga instructor and aroma therapist based in Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan.

Experiencing stress from overwork, Mayumi started practicing yoga and experienced a huge benefit to body mind balance with awareness of breathing. Today, Mayumi teaches yoga in Kanagawa and Tokyo area  and at ‘ Radhika Yoga Hayama” which she co-founded with her husband Go Sato. Mayumi leads special restorative yoga classes for corporations and YMC medical trainers. She developed a curriculum for “Good Aging Yoga” for Human Academy, yoga publications and beauty industry events.
In 2019, Mayumi started studying raganuga yoga under Sadhu Marajaja in India and received a spiritual name, “Vraja Madhuri devi dasi.”