Welcome Andrew Hillam (CA) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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The richness that I have received in India has come from these teachers and their guidance but from my every  experiences with local people that I interact with on a daily basis. To me India always feels welcoming and like my home. I am very happy to do whatever I can to help YGB, as I know that they are directly helping and impacting the lives of so many in India, helping them to become self sufficient through their many programs. Whatever I can do pales in significance to what I have received.

Andrew Hillam, Jois Yoga has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1994. During the last 20 years, Andrew has travelled to Mysore more than 20 times and traveled widely throughout South India. Apart from studying yoga at KPJAYI and now the Sharath Yoga Center, he continues to study Vedic chanting, Vedic philosophy, Sanskrit and Carnatic music with various teachers in Mysore and Bangalore.