This is Sonamoni, one of the 440 micro loan recipients in rural villages of West Bengal that YGB’s global community is supporting.

Sonamoni’s husband severely abused her in the past but  thanks to the support of her micro loan group and NGO NISHTHA’s intervention the situation has changed dramatically.

    West Bengal Micro Loan Group


Today, Sonamoni makes 200 rupees a day (US 3 dollars) by making and selling rope mats with her micro loan group. She is confident she can now give her daughter an education so she can live a life better than her own.


    Sonamoni and her daughter


The micro loan groups help members with domestic issues, taking a stand and assisting other members in receiving fair treatment.  Many members are illiterate, but they are all determined to empower themselves with income from their work and small businesses.

Join #OneMillionYogis to give back and provide life-changing opportunities to so many women in India, while we benefit so much from the gift of YOGA.