Making Many Mothers’ Dreams Come True!

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YGB supports Chaya’s psychiatric treatment as well as their livelihood. Chi,With your support, YGB has been able to make hundreds of underserved mothers’ dreams in India come true for the last 15 years, against all odds. Chaya has struggled not only from poverty but also domestic violence and mental illness aggravated by it all. Despite all these unimaginable hardships, her daughter Sushumita has become an English major honor student with YGB scholarship and aims to graduate next year to get a good government job. For the cost of one class, you can truly change a life —truth proven in the last fifteen years, thanks to you! 



2010: We met Chaya as a micro-loan recipient.
2016: They shared continued abuse at home.



Yoga Gives Back is thrilled to host our 2nd annual “A Global Gathering for India,” following a very successful event last June.More than 60 world leaders from the kirtan, yoga and spiritual communities are joining forces again to support underserved women and children in India.This weekend event also kicks off “A Global Gathering for India,”  a month-long campaign for everyone to host one YGB fundraiser to create a much bigger impact to empower more than 2400 underserved women and children in India. Join these global leaders to give back! REGISTER, HOST YOUR EVENT, BECOME A SPONSOR & SHARE!