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Practice YOGA that uplifts many lives! 

60 global leaders from kirtan, yoga, and spiritual communities are generously offering amazing sessions including: asana classes (Ashtanga, beginners, chair, chakra, nidra, restorative, vinyasa, Yin, etc.), kirtan, meditation, music, pranayama and live special panels and lecture. Check updated schedule here

Can you imagine living without online access today?

Our goal is to raise $100,000 again this June to launch “Women Rise Digital Center” in rural villages of West Bengal for 5000 girls and women finally have access to computers and Internet. Your participation will also ensure more than 2400 women and children YGB already supports with micro-loans and education funds in Karnataka and West Bengal.

Choose your way to give back:

Media has forgotten already but the prolonged pandemic’s ripple effect is a harsh reality in marginalized communities. 

  • Only 16% of women have access to internet
  • There are 1.5 million child marriages in India, the highest in the world. 
  • Up to 10 million girls are at risk of dropping out of secondary education

Let’s unite again this June with gratitude! 

2nd Annual “A Global Gathering for India,” a month-long campaign will unite global community to express our gratitude for YOGA.

Let’s level the playing field!

Women of micro-loan program lost income
due to the market closure.
Girls shared one mobile phone to catch up
studies during two-year school closure.

“Women Rise Digital Center” in rural villages of West Bengal will provide much needed computer and Internet access with skills training. It will totally empower their lives: uninterrupted studies during natural disaster, better job opportunities, sustainable income on E-commerce and much more! 

Featured weekend sessions

50 additional Ayurveda, kirtan, various asana and mindfulness classes will be offered by global leaders throughout the weekend!