During India’s second phase of Covid-19 in 2021, some of our beneficiary girls tragically lost their parents. Not all of those lost succumbed to COVID-19, as some them had been suffering from other ailments that they could not receive treatment for due to the COVID-19 crisis.  The pandemic and associated economic downturn drastically altered the lives of the families we support.

Responding to the community’s needs, home visits to mitigate stress, encourage education, and prevent violence had to be given the utmost importance. NISHTHA, YGB’s NGO Partner, conducted 1,228 home visits.  They visited each home in order to sensitize and educate the members of the family – especially the male members – so that they would maintain peace in their homes, and stop violence against their daughters and the women in their communities.  In addition, discussions were held regarding problems these families commonly-faced during the lockdown, and about encouraging the education of the girl children. During these home visits, families also received information that increases awareness of various alternative livelihood opportunities offered by the Government.

The biggest achievement of this project is that there has not been even a single student who dropped out. Retaining each and every one of the 561 girls under such critical circumstances was quite a challenge. In light of these, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have sustained such a successful result.

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