The girls group members of Yoga Gives Back’s SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) program – have been playing a crucial role in protecting their communities from the potentially devastating effects of COVID-19 infections by raising awareness around preventative measures. The girls groups have been urging people to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and to strictly adhere to all the health protocols in order to minimize community transmission of the virus.

These brave little girls have been visiting every corner of their villages on their bicycles, on a mission to detect the symptoms of COVID-19, and to provide first aid to any sick people. They carry health kits, which contain an Oxy-meter, an infrared thermometer, and paracetamol tablets, which can help the ill, or until (and if) they require hospitalization.

They have also revived the Protection Circle to combat domestic violence, and are campaigning for the banning of child labor (for which children are routinely sent out of their family homes and villages) and child marriage (as trafficking has increased drastically during the Pandemic).  Read more about these issues in the LA TIMES

We are so grateful for the heartfelt support of YGB’s micro loan and education programs that empower the girls and women to lead these important community initiatives.  Learn more and donate here.  

Watch Scholarship Student Vinutha’s Story: Serving as a nurse during the pandemic