Celebrating 15 Years with YOU!

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Happy New Year!

Thanks to your support, Yoga Gives Back enters its 15th year with confidence that together we can truly make a difference. 

The most precious discovery in this journey has been that Yoga Gives Back truly connects all of us: yoga students, teachers, business owners and supporters globally as well as our fund recipient brothers, sisters and NGO partners in India.

We are all in this journey together as one family. It is YOGA.  

Today, YGB’s global community spreads over 30 countries, empowering more than 2400 women and children with our microloan and education programs. And this is just the beginning!


Here is a snapshot of our milestones in 2021.

Despite the Pandemic and its prolonged and severe impact – especially on marginalized communities in India – we came together and expressed the power of our growing community:

  • Added a new program “Project Shaale” to help 800 underserved children combat learning delays and gaps after an 18-month school closure due to Covid, while supporting dozens of teachers with professional development and resources
  • Added 100 students to our five-year SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) to total 400 students attaining a college degree
  • Added 25 girls at Shaktidhama Girls Home for a safe home and good education, avoiding forced labor, marriage or prostitution, now supporitng a total of 75 girls
  • Added 1 more group to microloan program, a total of 550 mothers, and 600 young daughters with their primary education

We have many goals to achieve in our 15th year!

One big goal is to create a level playing field for underserved girls and women with  “Women Rise Digital Center” in West Bengal with 100 computers, Internet and training with a budget $ 50,000. (see below)


Launching a historic new project to empower 2000 girls and women with 100 computers and training in rural villages of West Bengal. Check details here.

(Project Image by Nagaraj, YGB Scholarship Art Student)

Email us if you are interested in joining #OneMillionYogis – YGB Family as Ambassador, Annual Partner, Sponsor, or Volunteer: info@yogagivesback.org.