Gwen Tan Wynne became a YGB Ambassador five year ago from Beijing. She wanted to engage local community and went on to organize her first YGB fundraiser event at an International School there with huge success. Just last week, she held another historic event for YGB in her country Malaysia. Her vision became a reality with local host The Habitat Penang team as well as a local politician who supports causes to empower women. More than 100 people took part and raised over $3500 from this event, while also raising funds for another local Non Profit to empower women. This is the power of a YGB Ambassador who engages new yoga communities with our mission to give back. Thank you Gwen for your dedication to empower many more underserved women and children in India.

This is from Gwen, ” Born and bred in Penang, although having been away last 30 years

“Two things that inspired me to host YGB event at The Habitat, Penang Hill 1. It was a beautiful and historical location that supports conservation, education and sustainability – which is essentially ahimsa, non-harming/violence in Sanskrit – one of the 8 limbs of Yoga and I recognize that in YGB  too. I wanted to bring awareness – not just the work that YGB do in giving back to India and that I’m a proud ambassador but also creating awareness of women empowering women to create a more gender-balanced society to live in. To set the path for the future generation of women for them to have a voice, which is essentially the work that YGB do by providing education to girls.”


Gwen delivered this passionate speech at this event on Sunday, March 3rd.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen

ON BEHALF OF YOGA GIVES BACK, we would like to thank you for your contribution and giving up your precious sleep on a Sunday morning, to be here. And look around us….. the amazing sunrise, this place is so beautiful. And as a Penangite returning home after 30 years, I am super proud that I call this home.

THANK YOU YB CHONG ENG, for your support and endorsement. Your contribution towards today’s event not only inspires me to continue the work that I do, but providing a greater impact to the younger generation of women who aspire to see a gender-balanced society. Which is also another reason for us being here today to commemorate Woman’s International Day on the 8th of March.

This is what I call A DREAM COME TRUE. Because I had a dream to host a YGB event in my hometown. I told Allen my dream and he was crazy enough to believe my dream and  here we are today.
So Allen, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am deeply grateful.

BESIDES OUR SPONSORS & EVERYONE ELSE INVOLVED FOR MAKING TODAY POSSIBLE, I’d like to thank 2 very special beings who have done a lot of work in the background. I would NOT have done it without their help. NATASHA & JOE MING.

AS YOGIS, we come to our mat for different reasons and through the practice, we have gained benefits in many ways….. for some it could mental, physical or emotional.WHEN I FIRST HEARD OF YGB, I knew that this is my opportunity to be part of this inspiring movement. I GREW UP FAR MORE PRIVILEGED than many girls around the world. TO HAVE THE CHANCE to empower impoverished women and children through the work that YGB does, BY MAKING A DIFFERENCE or give them a voice or a sense of power over their lives. This to me, IS the epitome of giving back.

There are no words to describe the profound gratitude to see all of you here today. Your support and presence means even more to the women and children in India as well as to those under the care of WCC Penang.  Without further ado, I’d like to invite YB Chong Eng to say a few words . Namaste.