“As a receiver of India’s gift to the world, I am honored to be able to support Yoga Gives Back’s beautiful mission to support and empower women and children in India. As an ambassador, I hope to spread the awareness so that we can collectively give back to the country that has provided us this invaluable gift.” 

~ Mayuko Okai, Los Angeles, mayukookai.com

Mayuko is an Intuitive Eating Coach who helps women heal their relationship to food and body. Mayuko previously worked in healthcare as a Clinical Dietitian and then in management. Through her yoga studies, she became more and more aware of the misalignment in career path. In 2017, Mayuko left healthcare to follow her truth. She now integrates her yoga studies and Intuitive Eating, which she believes is “yoga for eating.”  Mayuko is now a practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga, since 2019.