“I have benefited a lot from my daily yoga practice and feel very fortunate.  And under the influence of the coronavirus 2020,thanks to the teachers, staff, and many people, I finished a fulfilling learning time in India and returned home safely.  I would be happy if I could give back many benefits I received.”

Makikoe was born in Tokyo and has lived in Hokkaido since April 2017.  She first encountered yoga while living a busy life working for an insurance company.  She discovered that by continuing to practice yoga, there was a virtuous cycle not only in physical changes but also in daily life and work.

Makiko completed her RYT 200 in March 2020 in Rishikesh.  After returning to Japan in September 2020, she established the yoga circle “yoganowa tokachi.” In June 2021, she was sponsored by “International Day of Yoga Tokachi 1st”.  Makiko continues to look for ways to enjoy yoga with participants through online morning yoga, outdoor yoga and studio lessons.