Omstars joins YGB’s Annual Partnership with Yoga Gives Back!

You are currently viewing Omstars joins YGB’s Annual Partnership with Yoga Gives Back!

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“Our partnership with Yoga Gives Back infuses the Omstars community with purpose, joy, and gratitude. Through our charity-based yoga challenges and collaborations with other YGB sponsors such as Liforme, we have the opportunity to share the gift and practice of yoga with thousands of yoga students around the world. By sharing this work with Yoga Gives Back we also have the chance to give back to a community of families in India, helping to make a difference in the lives of others. Since starting our partnership with Yoga Gives Back, we’ve raised nearly $10,000 to date. Our mission at Omstars is to do as much as we can to widen the accessibility of yoga to everyone, to hold space for a supportive community where people around the world can join together, feel a sense of belonging, feel heard and valued and ultimately come together to create real, sustainable change. Our next challenge in support of YGB will be June 2019 with Dianne Bondy & Kino: Reconnecting with Yoga & Body Image, visit our website to find out more and to learn they support a variety of initiatives around the world visit our website:”—Omstars 

Yoga Gives Back receives a broad range of support from a diverse set of individuals and corporations. Their commitment and loyalty helps us achieve our mission to empower women and children in India with sustainability. We gratefully acknowledge YGB’s valued community of partners.

Omstars led a very successful #30DayYogaJourney this January engaging 15,000 people from around the world to take variety of yoga classes with 25 teachers daily. They also made this platform for awareness and fundraising opportunity for Yoga Gives Back inviting two co-sponsors Liforme and OhmmeApparel who donated $1 per sign up. This IG campaign generated $15,000 for YGB which can fund 75 young girls with our five-year SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) funding. They can now continue their higher education aiming for college degree, avoiding forced early marriage.



We are truly grateful for this initiative that Omstars created to engage so many global yogis to give back with gratitude.

Thank you Kino MacGregor for believing in YGB from very early years and joining forces now with Omstars team and community.

“Every yogi in the world today owes a debt to the ancient lineage of yoga in India. With the help of Yoga Gives Back we can begin to express our gratitude and reverence for the gift of yoga.”  – Kino MacGregor