Empowerment with one sanitary napkin at a time!

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“A period should end a sentence.

Not a girl’s education.”

— The Pad Project








We are seeding a real revolution! 

YGB is excited to announce the launch of The Pad Project with our NGO partner NISHTHA in West Bengal, supported by Trotula Fund and The Pad Project.

“The combination of period poverty, stigmatization, and inadequate reproductive and sexual health education has major consequences for menstruators’ wellbeing. It can also prevent menstruators from staying in school, thereby ending their education.”

The Pad Project “NIRMAN” was born. 

NISHTHA ‘s Pad Project team named their brand “NIRMAN.” (See one minute video above) Our goal is to provide women and girls with affordable, biodegradable, high quality menstrual products for their hygiene and to create a source of income for women in YGB’s Sister Aid micro loan groups. Read more here.

This project will empower users of pad products as well as pad producers among women in poor rural villages.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!

Please join us to give back this August: Global Gathering for India!

In 2010, we first visited NISHTHA in West Bengal and learned about the ordeal of menstruation suffered by girls and women in rural villages. They used rags for menstruation and burned them to avoid stigma, as there were no pads available nor they could afford them.