A Leader in the Making

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Soyeli comes from a very poor family  in West Bengal with many siblings whose father never had formal education and could not even provide sufficient meals for the family. However, Soyeli never gave up her education.

Here is Soyeli’s inspiring journey:

  • Believed in her inner voice to continue her education and entered Magrahat College this year with YGB’s scholarship
  • During COVID, she led a distribution drive of medication and food to assist poor villagers, risking her own health
  • After the Cyclone, she led a reconstruction drive to rebuild houses utilizing recycled materials
  • Pursuing an honors degree in History to become a teacher to provide free education for underserved children

Soyeli’s story is a great testament of how an educational opportunity can truly enable disadvantaged youths to blossom to their full potential with confidence—to become real leaders in their community. We are so inspired with this program’s success as we witness dozens of students graduating with degrees this year and every year.

Your support is empowering 400 youths like Soyeli with our five-year SHE program (Scholarship for Higher Education) this year.

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