Read about the Incredible Impact of 5 Computers on Girls!

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Manami Das, NGO NISHTHA’s manager, shared these moving words with me this past Sunday during our regular ZOOM meeting.
I was beyond inspired to learn how 5 Laptop computers and Internet connection together with skills training have already shown incredible impact in this community:

• Girls are getting respect from boys as they shore up their computer literacy.
• Girls are helping illiterate farmers who need government assistance but do not have access to information nor can they apply online.
• Girls are assisting women with micro-loan business such as helping artisans to access to E commerce.

We are seeding a real revolution!

Imagine if we can launch “Women Rise Digital Center” with 100 Laptop computers, Internet and training for 5,000 girls and women? It will truly empower and transform not only themselves but also their families and the entire region!

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