Celebrating Daphne Tse with YGB 2021 Ambassador of the Year Award!

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“After years of practicing many types of yoga, I have found that the yoga of service from the heart is the most profound for me. As long as I have a clear heartfelt intention behind my actions in anything that I offer or do, I know that I am giving back to the world in a positive way. From singing to dancing to teaching around the globe, it has been an amazing journey to connect with beings from different cultures and communities heart to heart and know in every cell of my body that we are all One. May this One Love continue to be strengthened by every breath, every song, every prayer we share together. Thank you, Kayoko, for inviting me to be a part of this global kula Giving Back to the mothers, daughters, sisters and the girls in India that will make a difference on this planet!”

Daphne Tse joined Yoga Gives Back as Ambassador in 2014 soon after we met at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong. Daphne has been a dedicated Ambassador, sharing YGB’s mission and fundraising on our behalf, while touring in Japan and many other international events. During the COVID-19 crisis in India in 2021, Daphne demonstrated incredible leadership by engaging more than 80 artists and teachers from over twenty countries to come together for a three-day, live streaming event – “A Global Gathering for India.” It was truly an epic event, raising nearly $50,000 to support our fund recipients in India with emergency relief and programs of empowerment.

Daphne is a spirited, soulful artist and teacher originally from Texas. Since her first yoga class over 20 years ago, she has explored the merging of her spiritual practice with her contemporary folk music as a singer/songwriter. She studied music at The University of Texas at Austin, Berklee College of Music and at The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago; she studied mantra music with kirtan master, Jai Uttal; and sound healing with the sound troubadour, Jonathan Goldman. Her music has been featured on yoga music compilations with Shiva Rea and she has released three albums: Mata (recorded on the island of Bali), Finding Water (recorded on the island of Kauai), and Samahita Live (recorded on Koh Samui, Thailand).

She is inspired by her friend and teacher, Shiva Rea, with whom she has completed multiple teacher trainings. She also embraces the teachings of Erich Schiffman, Mark Whitwell, Pema Chodron and Ammachi in her daily practice.

Daphne also is a co-founder of “The Vibrance Collective,” which started out as SpiritDance, SoulSong and is now an international platform that synthesizes cross-cultural healing modalities into a series of unique and impactful approaches to wellness with Ellen Watson and Ashley Johnson.

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