Celebrating Jocelyn Solomon with YGB 2021 Ambassador of the Year Award!

You are currently viewing Celebrating Jocelyn Solomon with YGB 2021 Ambassador of the Year Award!

“I support the mission of Yoga Gives Back wholeheartedly. The practice of yoga has carried me through so many times in my life, so it makes complete sense to give back to the women and children of the motherland of a practice that has quite literally been a life saver to me and so many of my students. Service and philanthropy is a core value of mine and my family, and I am thrilled to become a part of YGB.”

Jocelyn Solomon joined Yoga Gives Back in 2019 and has been passionately advocating for YGB through her successful fundraising classes, subsequently joining the YGB Board of Directors in 2020. Jocelyn was instrumental in securing YogaWorks’ commitment to their long-term collaboration with YGB this year by reaching out to their large national community with our mission. We are truly grateful, as well, for her creation of the YGB Ambassadors Forum with Ambassador Maneesh Kalra, to connect and grow this very powerful community of yoga teachers from around the world.

Jocelyn is a 500 RYT through YogaWorks. Her primary focus is on Yoga Works and her work on their ADEI(Anti-Racist Diversity Equity and Inclusion) Council, her own Sober Coaching and International Retreat business.

Prior to her career teaching yoga, Jocelyn was a criminal and civil rights trial attorney for many years until she became a mother. Jocelyn brings the same passion, drive and commitment to her students as she did her clients. Jocelyn loves to equate fighting for the physical freedom of her law clients with the same liberation and freedom her students seek from yoga.