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Can you believe this reality? 

Rising crimes against Indian women in five charts

BBC reported, ” A majority of the cases in 2021 were of kidnappings and abduction, rapes, domestic violence, dowry deaths and assaults. Also,107 women were attacked with acid, 1,580 women were trafficked, 15 girls were sold and 2,668 women were victims of cybercrimes.  Violence inside the home is mostly recorded under the legal term of “cruelty by husband or his relatives” and it has consistently been the most reported violent crime against women in India.

OUR SOLUTIONS: Education and Economic Independence

Over the last fifteen years, YGB has worked closely with our NGO partners in India to develop solutions for underserved girls and women to empower themselves so they can stand on their own against gender-based violence:

Here is a snapshot of our impact. It is not just numbers that are significant, but how each person has been truly empowered when opportunities are provided: 

Last year, we we able to add 1000 more lives to support. We need to maintain this trajectory to empower vulnerable girls and women so they can live to their full potential without fear of violence.

This November, please join us at our Annual Global Gala, celebrating 15th Anniversary to empower more women and be a part of solution. We are very excited to honor Christy Turlington Burns, Founder & President, Every Mother Counts, with YGB’s Namaste Award 2022.

Together, we can make a real impact!




Join the “108 Global Challenge”


Why a donation of $108?

$108 provides Computer & Internet access with skills training for one girl for a year

$108 represents Spiritual Completion

$108 represents the Wholeness of Existence


Please listen to Kayoko’s journey and roots to create YGB at FINDING HARMONY PODCAST, co-hosted by YGB Ambassador Harmony Slater and Russell Case.

“…In the beginning it started off as simply an idea of offering one yoga class to help raise money to support women and children in India. At the time, Kayoko had no idea that this tiny calling of her heart would expand and grow into a global movement that is now called “Yoga Gives Back.” …