Your Generosity Continues to Provide a Loving Home and Education for these disadvantaged children.

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Kundir is now in 8th grade. Even though his frame is pretty small for his age, he is a very strong and healthy boy. He is very responsible and voluntarily takes up many works at Deenabandhu home. Academically he struggles to be on par with his classmates. For this year media project, He along with his team made a video of around 5 minute about Swacha Bharath (Clean India).



Lucia is in 6th grade. She enjoys good health and academically is above average. She is also learning Bharatanatyam over weekends. She is involved with sports as well and represents her school in Kabbadi during inter-school competition.




Maalai is now in 7th grade. She is continuing the treatment for her thyroid related problems. She is responding very well for the treatment and she is growing taller. She continues to learn Bharatanatyam over weekends. She also engages herself in various sports activity at her school which includes many team games.



Nitish is now in third year of his five year diploma program at Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA), Mysore. From third year students choose their respective specialization and he was selected for his desired course of Photography. He is working with his photography by freelancing for various events including wedding and other celebrations. We are engaging Naveena’s photography skills take  photographs of Deenabandhu home and children for our new brochure we are planning to design soon.



With your support, YGB is now funding 30 children in this home.  What is so special about this home is that every child is welcomed with love and acceptance, not to mention home cooked organic meals three times a day. Every child has a chance to grow and develop one’s full capacity, by attending high standard local school and various activities. YGB is truly honored to partner with this organization.