Sanja is in 9th grade. With all the girls she also continues to learn bharatanatyam over weekends. For this year media fest, she along with her team made a video of 5 minute about Dairy forming. She is building up on her confidence and approaches strangers with greater ease. She is developing into a responsible young women.



Gopi  is now in second year of Bachelor of Arts Degree at Maharaja College, Mysore. Academically he is progressing well. He is also pursuing Cricket. He regularly practices cricket with various teams in Mysore. He also represents his teams in various district level cricket competitions.



Ranuk completed her 10 std and chose to study commercial practices at JSS college of Polytechnic in Mysore. She stays in JSS hostel within the campus of her college. She participated in a state-level writing competition organized by ISRO ( The Indian Space Research Organization) and won third prize. She received the award from the Director of ISRO. For this year’s media festival, she along with her team made a video of around 5 minute about junk food.



Ginni is now in 7th grade, She continues to learn Bharatanatyam over weekends. Academically she is on par with her classmates. She enjoys good health. She is a very responsible girl and accomplishes any tasks assigned to her with involvement. She also represents her school in various sports activity during inter-school competitions.