Emile Sorger
The Yoga and Movement Sanctuary

Emile Sorger is a Philadelphia based yoga teacher, business owner, father and movement artist. He has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching vinyasa and alignment based yoga since 2009. He also brings a passion for meditation and spirituality as elements of yoga that comes from studying Zen and Tibetan Buddhism in depth both as an undergraduate at Goucher College, in Bodh Gaya, India as well as with The Three Doors Academy in the U.S. Emile’s background in Yoga Asana comes from in depth study with Kim Manfredi and Will Walter of Charm City Yoga (now Yogaworks), Dharma Mittra of Dharma Yoga and Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga. Emile’s Yoga classes utilize breath and movement to expand students’ capacity to heal and wake up their bodies while also providing an invitation to celebrate being alive. In one on one work he spends time getting to know each student and developing a program that draws upon their strengths while compassionately addressing weaknesses, illuminating blind spots and leaning into unexplored areas where joy and healing are possible. In addition to his work, Emile is the happy father of a wonderful boy named Max and husband to an incredible wife named Jessica.


“When I visited India in 2007 it was to study Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation and what I did not anticipate being touched so deeply by was intensity of life there. Never have I experienced beauty and suffering so near to one another as when I was there and since then have it has been clear that my spiritual practice demanded that I be of service to others. When I was in Bodh Gaya, India I took a Bodhisattva vow which included putting service to others before my own happiness. I am immensely grateful that Yoga Gives Back can be a way in which I am of service to a country and a culture which has given me so much.”  


Gumi has started to visit India yearly and started to learn classical Indian music and Bansuri at Varanasi in India since 2006. He studied Bansuri from Pt.Ajay Prasanna and Mr.Carlos Guerra. Yet he also practiced Bansri with Pt.Devashish Dey who is a vocal teacher and with Pt. Dhrvanath Mishra who is Sitarist. By practicing Bansuri with various classical musicians, he has been working on widening the range of his music performance.

Discography: When it Blooms(2013) ・Just so(2015)・ Longing/Arico&gumi(2017)・ Light On Yoga nada~oneness(2017) ・Arigato/Daphne Tse(2017) ・Leela(2017)・SoulSongs/Daphne Tse(2018)


“As a Japanese citizen, I have received education as anybody else. However, I have been truly shocked with the reality of poverty in India and some parts of the world. I was fortunate to grow up with dreams and hopes in my mind. I would like to support for these youths who can not receive education or are forced to marry at young age. I am a musician, and would like to contribute to unite global family with Yoga Gives Back. Love and Bliss.”