Book Launch & Benefit Workshop July 19th – Hosted by YGB Ambassador Mariko Hirakawa

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Mariko Hirakawa & Srikala

Book Launch & Benefit Workshop: Heal Your Emotional Blocks With Yoga, Mantras & Music by Srikala.

Hosted by YGB Ambassador Mariko Hirakawa!


July 19, 2018 @ 6:15PM — 8:15PM

Deepen Your Yoga, Heal Yourself AND Make a HUGE Difference in the Lives of Mothers & Children in India! Let’s Save Lives!

Join Mariko in living the Yogic principle of seva, selfless service!


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Including Mariko’s new book “The Yoga of Personal Development” & 1 Free Raffle Ticket


It is incredible how much the ancient Yogis understood about the power of sound to heal our being! In this special benefit workshop featuring the release of Mariko’s groundbreaking book The Yoga of Personal Development, we’ll explore Mantra Yoga, the science behind it, and its power to heal our emotional blocks.

This night will be a delicious blend of lecture/demonstration, opening and healing the body with Mantra Vinyasa Flow and a joyful celebration with the soulful sounds from Srikalogy.

All proceeds from this special workshop go to Yoga Gives Back, an outstanding charity that offers that offers microloans and education funds to more than 1200 impoverished mothers, teens and children in India,Yoga’s Motherland.

We’ll dive into:

Learning about the Yogic Map of Consciousness and the Yoga of Healing the Subconscious Mind

Understanding how the Sanskrit syllables impact the brain and nervous system

How to release your emotional blocks

Incorporating Mantras into your Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Blissful Kirtan with a rockstar artist!

You’re in for a real treat as Srikala is a master recording artist who truly knows how to rock the house!

Join us and be elevated!

Srikala’s bio:

SriKala is an international Hip-Hop Emcee, Poet, singer, DJ, producer, and percussionist. Srikala combines original production with live vocals and percussion to move the dance floor through the sounds of hip hop, reggae, dub, world beats, and sacred mantras.