Welcome Mary Taylor to YGB’s Advisory Board

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Yoga Gives Back has been a lasting and important force in bringing awareness within the international yoga community to the difficulties so many women and girls face in finding balance and support in this complex and confusing world. By doing so it has inspired countless yoga practitioners to work together and cultivate an underlying sense of genuine care and compassion that can benefit not only our own lives but the lives of others. This is one small way we, as yogis, can act to help heal the world. Working to bring peace to the forefront has been a life-long dream of mine, and so helping with the efforts of Yoga Gives Back feels exactly where I belong.

Mary Taylor (https://www.richardfreemanyoga.com/), began studying yoga in 1971 and her studies have grown into a deep interest into how yoga asana, meditation, and the interfacing of yoga with Buddhism combine to support us through complex times. She holds a BA in psychology and trained as a professional chef at L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes in Paris, France. Taylor is part of the core faculty of the Being with Dying program at Upaya Zen Center and the UZIT training program, both of which apply contemplative practices to improved and sustainable wellness within medical settings. She has authored seven books, most recently with her husband, Richard Freeman she co-authored When Love Comes to Light, Ancient Wisdom from the Bhagavad Gīta for Modern Life, (Shambhala Publications, 2021).