Welcome Masumi Chakra Ma (Bali-Indonesia/Japan) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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I am moved by the work of Yoga Gives Back. YGB shares valuable information from India, how vulnerable women and children face unimaginable hardship in their lives on a daily basis. With Kayoko’s leadership, I am inspired by the bright positive energy of YGB’s volunteers team. I pray that more women and children are provided education and opportunities to build independent lives. I am grateful for this opportunity to be a part of YGB’s work and hope to contribute with our yoga and music.

Masumi is the Founder and Director of Chakra Work Association. Chakra work focuses on the techniques to awaken the energies of 7 chakra, which helps one understand their purpose in life. These techniques and mysteries of Himalayan Kriya yoga learned from Pilot Babalji, combined with breathing techniques, meditation, movements and mantras make up the core of her teaching.

For the last two years, Chakra Work team has been focusing on online distribution. Chakra work online class has been offered every week with  more than 1000 simultaneous viewers participating each week.