Welcome Go Sato (Japan) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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“I am so grateful for YOGA in my life and have believed that sharing YOGA is a way to express this gratitude. Yoga Gives Back has taught me other ways of giving back. I would be so happy if I could contribute to saving the lives of women and children in India.”


Go Sato focuses on sharing mindfulness yoga. Go has participated in numerous yoga events throughout Japan, organized by the Government and medical associations, as well as appearing on tv, radio programs and in yoga related publications and media.  His projects are a  fusion of traditional yoga and street culture in collaboration with street dancer, DJ, and musicians. 

Go has supervised teacher training programs for over 2000 instructors at YMC and created “Male Yoga.” 

He is the founder of Radhika Yoga Hayama in Japan, as well as advisor for the  International Holistic Therapy Association and Lululemon Legacy Abmassador.