Welcome Manisha Mehta (Canada) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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Seeing the same divinity in the young girls/ladies in India as in me, it’s my heartfelt desire to reach out to them through Sun Yoga and YGB. 

If any contribution from Sun Yoga can help them access basic needs of life, I will feel blessed and fulfilled. 



Manisha’s desire to be a yoga teacher took  her to Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California where she received training in a gurukulum setting, under the esteemed yoga gurus of Sivananda lineage. She  found my calling! Her education background in Pharmacy and MBA did not give her as  much satisfaction.  With God’s grace, Manisha’s quest for something more profound has been fulfilled. Serving through yoga is now her path to self realization.

In August 2013, SUN YOGA studio was founded! Since then, sharing the knowledge of yoga with people who have been coming to the studio has meant the world to Manisha! Every student on the mat, is an opportunity to see one thread running through all of us and teaches the real meaning of Yoga.