Welcome Mary Kirkendoll (Kansas) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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The mission of Yoga Gives Back is congruent with the mission of Yoga of Kindness. Kayoko and the impressive team of staff and YGB ambassadors are working together to support the backbone of yoga’s foundation: India’s women and children. Mother India and all cultures are remembering and realizing that when women and children are supported, encouraged, and elevated–the community thrives. Humans have the utmost potential to grow, serve, remember, wake up, and give back. What a joy to be a small piece of this web of kindness!

Mary Kirkendoll has been a student of yoga for over 15 years. She began her yoga practice hoping to attain physical benefits and quickly realized that yoga offered so much more. Mary began teaching yoga asana about 5 years into her practice and at the same time became a student of meditation, yoga philosophy, and Sanskrit. She opened the Eudora Yoga Center in 2015 and has since renamed the business “Yoga of Kindness” in honor of her mother who transitioned in 2019. “Sweet Mama” Marie lived her final 15 years with Alzheimer’s Disease and became a vessel of love and purity that was felt by everyone around her. The great wisdom of Sweet Mama & Yoga as well as bringing a community together around kindness is what Mary hopes to offer through Yoga of Kindness. As of 2022, all profit is donated back to the community.