Welcome Cat Stuijt, U.K. to YGB Global Ambassador’s Team

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”I was first introduced to YGB at the OM Yoga Show in London and was totally inspired. At the time I was unable to follow this up but now my life has changed and I am able to. The very thought that just one class would change a life is inspiration enough for me. When you have a lightbulb moment you know it’ll reflect and bring light to someone else in the world.”

Cat Stuijt, Tru Dru Yoga

Cat trained initially with the British Wheel of Yoga before discovering DRU Yoga and trained with the school of DRU Yoga for 8 years, Yoga, Meditation, Kids and Teens Yoga and Yoga Dance.

Her passion for teen yoga continued with a diploma course with Teen Yoga Foundation UK.  Cat is now the Teen Yoga Foundation Ambassador for Wales. 

During lockdown she qualified as a Qi Gong teacher – Qi Gong is a beautiful and gentle accompaniment that enhances her yoga blend. She is driven by her own personal yoga journey to bring the plethora of gifts it brings, to others.

Privileged to have trained with the wonderful Yoga professionals (now true friends) at DRU and TYF Cat continues to grow and learn on her own spiritual path with their support.

Originally from Wales Cat settled in London and completed all studies. She is now relocated back to Gwynedd, North Wales. She practices and teaches amongst the beautiful landscape of the mountains and sea which has been a revelation after the hussle and bussle of the capitol city. Her favorite passion is teaching outside in the surrounding nature.