YGB Welcomes New Board Member Maneesh Kalra, Japan

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Maneesh Kalra, Japan.


Maneesh has been a dedicated Ambassador sharing our mission with his community passionately. Now we are delighted to have him join the Board to grow YGB together so we can do more!

“I fully believe in Kayoko and the YGB mission.  I have believed in both since the day I first met Kayoko some 8 years or so back.  It is the reason why I joined as ambassador that very day.  And it is the reason I have tried to help raise funds and spread the word in Japan (and beyond) for all of these years.  

As a board member, I feel I can help in a larger capacity beyond simply the Japan piece. With a better understanding of the broader picture, I would like to help YGB gain certain efficiencies, come up with some novel ideas and approaches, and execute these ideas so we can continue to increase our impact on the Motherland.”