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YGB Ambassador Sarah Platt Finger Donation Class on Wanderlust TV

On the International Day of Yoga, Wanderlust is celebrating by making all the sessions on Wanderlust TV free and open to the larger community.

June 21st at 1:00 pm (EDT)

Sarah Finger ( http://www.ishtayoga.com/ ) has elected to support Yoga Gives Back, to assist women and children affected by COVID-19 + Cyclone Amphar in India.

Please consider donating today’s class value of $10.80 forward toward Yoga Gives Back here:https://yoga-gives-back.networkforgood.com/projects/99046-ygb-international-yoga-day-global-campaign

Please mention Sarah Finger or WLTV when you make your donation today.

YGB Ambassador Marc Holzman Zoom Funding Raising Event

June 19th 3 pm (EDT)

One hour class (some easy movement for 15 mins followed by a 40 minute Yoga Nidra)

YGB Ambassador Haidar Ali Mindfullness Yoga, Online Event – Japan

June 21st 9-10:30 am Japan Time (GMT+9) Spirit Yoga Studio

Zoom Registration here: https://coubic.com/spirityoga/501691/express

3000 yen, 100% donation to YGB