We are grateful for these new online fundraising events as the global yoga community transitions to virtual classes during “physical distancing” phase of COVID-19. 

“VISA’s Social Impact Team” Special YGB Fundraiser

We are delighted to announce @Visa’s Social Impact Team hosting an Online Yoga Class on April 15th as its first YGB Fundraiser! This online event will be taught by Nisha Manalath for the Visa team spread across the globe as a donation class. Organizer Roshini Varma shared that while being able to work remotely, it is important for her and her team to give back to those in need.”

 Read more VISA Foundation’s commitment to support Small and Micro Businesses.

Zoom Livestream Meditation Class 

YGB Ambassador Elina Yoga & Mindfulness

Elina is based in the beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand and offers one-to-one mindfulness meditation coaching, workshops and events (online during Covid-19 lock down). 

“Hello friends, if this is you when someone suggests that you try mediating and your answer is any of the following:

– don’t have time
– don’t know how to
– tried and failed
– it too hard
– I can’t sit cross legged
– what can it do for me?

Come along to this online event where I hope to clarify some of the misconceptions and help your get clear on how to start your mediation journey.

As this is online, my friends from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere in between should be able to make it.

All proceeds go to Yoga Gives Back so you are paying forward towards a great cause.
Love , Elina x”

7:30 PM – 8:30 PM UTC+12.  Cost: NZ$5 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM UTC+12 

Tickets: Cost: NZ$5 – all proceeds goes to Yoga Gives Back
Book here: https://www.comesnaturally.co.nz/book-online