“Success can be measured in different ways, I believe social impact is equally as important as profits”


Kindleggings founder Nathalie believes deeply in social entrepreneurship and empowerment of women, and chose Yoga Gives Back as a beneficiary of the Kind Festival, Paris

“We are an impact active wear brand and our mission is to give back by investing part of our profits to empower women.

After over 10 years as a country manager in the fashion and athletic apparel industry, Nathalie Alsing Alauzen, the founder was inspired by the tremendous untapped potential in social business that is yet to be unleashed. We live in a world where global trade isn’t going away, however social enterprising is the key to a tremendous change in society in the coming years, with endless space for creativity in terms of purpose and action.

We believe that when supporting entrepreneurship initiatives we help creating a sustainable impact for that person. The entire community around the entrepreneur will benefit from the income generated vs us giving charity.” —Kindleggings



YGB Ambassador Maricha Dumont and owner of Kindleggings Nathalie Alauzen, came together earlier this year with the idea of a yoga festival that empowers underserved women especially. They organized a dedicated team of teachers, volunteers,and sponsors. More than 200 yogis gathered making this first Kind Festival a huge success. All the profit raised from this event was donated to YGB. YGB is truly honored and moved to witness how Paris yogis came together to express their compassion and give back with YGB.  This very successful event is happening again in 2020.

Here is what YGB Ambassador Maricha shared about the first Kind Festival.

Q: Why did we decided to host the Kind Festival?

Maricha: It was so important to me to host an event for which all the money will go back to people in need. As an Ambassador for Yoga Gives Back, I linked the points when I met Nathalie from Kindleggings. We decided to organize a 100% non profit Festival, to make it big, to believe and show that people can take action from a place of giving and not always taking.

Q: What is my first impression from this first edition?

Maricha: WOW!! I was actually surprised how many Yogis got involved into this Karmic action. Thanks to the sponsors, the volunteers, the teachers, the presenters, and all the participants, this day will always stay in my mind as an amazing one. Thank you so much to Kayoko and Yoga Gives Back who are the real heroes behind this story.




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