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I can always remember that first time I realized, through the teachings of yoga, how beautiful life is. My inner light was ignited back then and I will be forever grateful to the creators of the yoga system. I believe we all need someone or something to give us a hand up in life, a spark of hope, wherever we find ourselves.

When I came across Yoga Gives Back, the team shared videos of each individual women, all different, with their own story and challenges, which most of us can’t even imagine. I saw the positive changes and light in the women’s faces. It was instantly heart felt and I was inspired to help. I felt the sincerity and genuine care from the team and supporters of Yoga Gives Back and I’m honored and grateful to of found a charity with a mission to lift and support women sustainably. As Kofi Annan says “When women thrive all of society benefits.” 

Heather Thompson’s journey into yoga began when she returned from a soul searching Ayurvedic trip to India in 2017. 

She arrived in India lost and in despair as her inability to hold onto a child or start a family over many years had worn her down. It had left her feeling ashamed of her body spiritually broken. The retreat gave her insight and a spark of light. There was more to Heather than becoming a mummy.

Heather returned from India with a deep hunger for more knowledge of yoga and a great new sense of who she was. She trained as a 200 hour Seasonal yoga teacher in 2018. Her teachings infuse Seasonal yoga, Qigong and the 5 element eastern medicine system (TCM) She plans to do her 300 hr soon!

Heather is a compassionate teacher who brings joy to her guidance, she loves helping others find their own beauty and true nature through yoga, mindfulness and movement.

Heather lives in a little coastal town called Dunbar near Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and 2 fur kids. She is trained in Clinical Reflexology, Seasonal yin and is very passionate about all things yoga.