In Light of Gandhi’s Birthday, Professor Jayadev Shares an Update on the Deenabandhu Trust Home

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With your extensive kindness and generosity, Yoga Gives Back has been able to continue our support of the Deenabandhu Trust Home, an orphanage located in Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, Southern India that houses around 100 boys and girls. Their mantra of “a home of love and acceptance” has been able to transform so many young lives and ensure a happy, and secure future ahead of them. Recently, the founder and prominent humanitarian activist, Professor Jayadev shared an update with us in light of Gandhi’s birthday.

We celebrated Gandhi’s birthday on October 2nd and it coincided with the harvest of ground nuts we had grown in our two acre plot.

Gandhi liked to consume a lot of ground nuts because it was less expensive and all the poor in India could access it and it is a rich source of proteins and fat much needed for the emaciated rural Indians.

We sowed the ground nuts in early June and harvested by late September. Except the process of preparation of land with a tractor and sowing with a special tractor, the rest of the work of watering by use of sprinklers and harvesting the crop and plucking the ground nuts from the plants were all done by boys and girls. The drying was entirely handled by girls on the roof of their dining hall, often taking care to protect them  from rains. The boys of course carried the leftover plants as a quality fodder for cows and currently our Dairy has 12 cows and they need a lot of fodder. After using Groundnut plants as fodder our milk yield has increased.

Corona may be distancing people from people but is drawing people nearer to nature in its own way. With the land we fortunately have and with all the activity during this Covid time, we have very fruitful and fulfilling time with soil and its ‘Green’  cover which is the foundation of our existence. It is sad that the people in some other parts of the world consider burning the green forest is a step forward to their progress.

We remain grateful to the YGB and your personal efforts to keep us all happy.

YGB now supports 31 children in the home, offering them a strong education, health and a space for emotional, mental, social and spiritual growth.