While reckoning with gratitude your kind support throughout the growth of our home for children, I am equally happy to inform you that all children are fine and Prajna, our administrator has taken very good care to keep the whole campus in safe quarantine. 

All the children and staff are fine and not depressed for any reason. On the contrary Covid leisure time has enhanced creativity among children. I see adolescent boys are behaving with  responsibility and togetherness to cope up with the covid period.

Small children have very quickly learnt to wear masks and some time remind adults of going out without a mask. 

We have rearranged the garden in front of our Gandhi statue and the sculptors made by Gowtham, our alumni are shifted to this park. The Krishna statues were done by him when he was hardly 16 years. 

Our boy Shreyas has developed his own boat powered by the spare parts from a broken toy car. 

two of our girls developed fun masks for small children, their art and creativity is amazing.

Our high school boys do most of the small scale masonry to create an altar to place the Krishna statue or create a small span concrete flooring near the bakery. We cannot allow any outside worker into our campus, so children are picking up many skills.

All of us from Deenabandu pray for your good health and safe stay,

With Kind Regards

— G.S.Jayadev
Deenabandhu Trust

YGB has been in partnership with Deenabandhu Trust since 2010. We now support 31 children here who have no place to go. They all receive loving care at a group home and high-quality education run by the Trust