With your support this year, YGB has been able to double the number to 50 girls to fund at our NGO partner Shaktidhama in Mysore, Karnataka. 150 girls have been rescued by social workers in the last two years, who now live in this group home safely and receive good education. These girls are from underprivileged families such as Devadasi (born to become prostitutes), poor tribal communities and low caste or orphans. They are all making progress day by day learning new life to reach their dreams.  

Shakthidhama  is a Project to support women and girl children.  It supports: 

  • Women Rendered homeless by domestic violence.
  • Sexually exploited
  • Rape victims
  • Unwed mother’s
  • Children accompanying women
  • Women who are victims of Human trafficking

As well as providing Education to underprivileged girls.

  • Girls from Devadasi families
  • Orphan Girls
  • Tribal Girls
  • Girls from socially oppressed and economically poor families


Reika is 16 year old studying in Pre University classes.  She is from a village in north Karnataka called “Kota”.  Her widowed mother works in the fields as daily wage worker. Ganika has interested in science  and has done many science projects and models.  She also likes social science and English. She likes to listen to English speeches even though she doesn’t understand most of it. She likes to play throw ball and KoKo (A local game). She has participated in inter school level sport competition where she played throw ball and her school won.  She had participated in singing competition and got 2nd prize. Sometimes she likes to dance too just with her friends. When she was small she used to dream of becoming a police officer but now her thoughts have turned to helping her family and the people living in her village to receive an education and overcome poverty.


Shula is 11 year old. It’s been two years since she started her life in shakthidhama and she finds it wonderful. She has three older brothers and all of them go to school in her village. Both her parents work in the fields but she doesn’t think that they earn enough. She misses her school in village where she went for her primary education. But now in Shakthidhama she has got a good school and many friends who are even living with her in the same room. In her school she likes all the language classes as they include more activities and nice stories in the textbooks, especially she loves Kannada lessons in her textbook. She also likes marching in her PET classes. She wants to be a doctor in future and help especially the poor patients.




Maya is 14 years old. Her father is an alcoholic and her mother works in the fields. She has three younger brothers of whom two of them go to school and another one is still a two year old baby. She is interested in social science studies mainly because it has so many branches in it like history, economics and geography. Presently she likes almost all the branches of social science but later she might turn to economics studies as she wants to correct social life problems. Her dream is to become a good teacher but becoming a politician might help her dream to solve social problems easily. In the future she wants to move to Mysore and take care of her parents.




Asha is 11 years old. Her father is a driver and her mother stays home and takes care of her children. She has two younger brothers and one younger sister. In school she likes to listen to the stories narrated during her Kannada classes and sometimes poems make her think that she could write poetry too in the future. She also like singing just to herself. Usually Daksha doesn’t like playing outside and prefers board games inside her dormitory. She loves her Monday morning breakfast Pulivogre (a rice dish). She wants to be a Kannada teacher in the future. Also in the future she wants to solve water problems in her village. People walk kilometres to get drinking water. Sometimes she would walk with her mother to get water from outside the village and she always thought of solving that problem.


Joya is 13 years. She is from North Karnataka. Both her parents work in rice fields. She has two younger brothers who go school and a older brother who works in Bengaluru. She likes social science  in her school as the teacher is very good at teaching and he always makes it interesting. She asks lots of question in the class but her teacher is very patient and answers them all and that makes her happy. She likes to sing and dance, and once in interschool singing competition she received 2nd prize for singing. She also had participated in athletics ( 200 meter running) but didn’t get any prize, but she wants to keep trying. Tomato bath ( a rice dish with tomatoes and spices) is her favourite breakfast.  She wants to become a social science teacher in the future. She likes Mysore and hence wants to move to Mysore when she is old.


Just $50 a month ensures one girl’s life in this caring home. Please join us if you are blessed with yoga and let’s give back to India by empowering these girls. Join our movement of gratitude, do what you can, host a class or donate?